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Producer of Hey Whoopie Cat! 

Aaron is a nerd living in Long Beach, California, who tells way too many dad jokes for a man who has no children. When he needs to be slightly more serious, he can be found making theatre happen throughout Hollywood. In addition to stage managing old and new productions alike, he also works on art education and youth development programs such as the Young Writers Project at Theatre of NOTE and Hollywood HEART's annual Camp Hollywood HEART & Gala. When not guzzling gallons of coffee and battling mountains of paperwork, he can be found attempting to write his own mediocre stories and obsessing over the awesomeness that is The Legend of Zelda. He's also the producer of the new live comedy & storytelling show Hey Whoopie Cat!

You can find him being a weirdo on Twitter & Instagram or rambling about recent productions on Tech-tor.com.