Ever listen to a podcast and think, "This is really cool. I want to do this."

Because that's exactly what we did.

Calico is operated by teams of small children, stacked atop one another in trench coats, disguised as adults, whose goal it is to deliver quality audio content straight into your earholes. 

Why DIY or "punk rock"?

We feel that podcasting is something that everyone should get into. (If you want to, that is...no pressure!) Podcasting can be done with fancy sound engineering and super impressive gear, but it can also be done on a cool evening, over Skype, casually between two friends. There are fewer "wrong" ways to make a podcast than there are "right" ways, is what we're saying, and you should feel empowered to make content that your heart desires, not discouraged. 

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is audio, but it can also be video. It's a way to geek out, to share ideas and information, to tell stories, and to build communities.

We want to build these communities, and share them with you. 

Wanna get involved?

Contact us!