Cheya fled San Fransisco for Los Angeles because he wanted to be closer to comedy, but in a city where a gin & tonic was still $12. He now does stand up & creates podcasts in his sandy new home. Cheya also co-hosts Trent Talk, over on the Benview Network!

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Host Information


Co-host of Hey Whoopie Cat!

Hey Whoopie Cat is a live comedy & storytelling showcase hosted by Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary. We bring in our funniest friends from the LA area to share their stories and deliver killer sets once a month.

Hey Whoopie Cat takes place at Theatre of Note in Hollywood, CA and is produced by company member Aaron Saldaña. 


Co-host of High Crimes

Clare is obsessed with true crime & Cheya has a knack for crazy historical events, so we decided - in the vein of Drunk History - to spark up on that legally obtained California kush and share our favorite tales. 

"The stories you’re about to hear are pretty fucked up - and so are we. We are not historians, detectives, doctors, professionals of any kind, and definitely not cops. We’d have to tell you if we were. These stories are told for entertainment purposes and some details may be inaccurate or exaggerated. (We are high, after all.)


Guest Appearances

IDEK | July 14, 2017
Seth Woodward Had A Scary Experience In The Woods (feat. Cheya Cary)

This week Cheya Cary joins me once more and we chat with our pal Seth Woodward, an OC comic & podcaster. He tells us of a scary experience he had in the woods while acid was involved. We also smoked a little before this episode, so we get very sidetracked and ramble a lot. Enjoy!


IDEK  |  February 2, 2017
Protests, Part 1: Inauguration & Women's March (feat. Cheya Cary)

This week we talk about our experiences at the protests that followed Trump's inauguration, including the Women's March! Cheya Cary recorded some clips at the latter and they feature our pals Cate Gary, a wonderful, insightful and hilarious comedian, & Devin Larson, a very rad young political activist & dog walker. We also hear a clip from my beautiful sister, who called me up to leave me a voicemail regarding her thoughts on the march she attended in Michigan.


IDEK  |  January 17, 2017
Aaron Saldaña on Theater, Video Games (feat. Cheya Cary)

Cheya Cary joins me to chat with our pal Aaron Saldaña who is a stage manager for a theater in Hollywood. We talk about theater, video games, how he'll never get certain mayorships back from me on Swarm & more!


IDEK  |  December 9, 2016
Will Couch on Comedy, Mics, Pets, His Apartheid Mercenary Dad, Racism, Classism (feat. Cheya Cary)

 Coming live from the Oasis at Gold Spike hotel, just after seeing one of my favorite bands of all time, we crack more beers and talk about a topic we all have in common: Comedy & open mics.Will also opens up to us about his dad being part of the Apartheid in South Africa, racism & classism, and more.


IDEK  |  December 5, 2016
Erin Williams on Marriage, Proximity to Sharks & Serial Killers, Hippies  (feat. Cheya Cary)

In part 2 of our conversation, Erin Williams joins Cheya Cary & I get a little more drunk & talk about a bunch more stuff! From marriage, to sharks, to serial killers, to hippies, mental health, moms, birthdays...we got it all, folks!


IDEK  |  November 27, 2016
Erin Williams on Lady Heroes, Her Badass Grandma, Tattoos, Surfing, Turning Orange (feat. Cheya Cary)

In part 1 of our conversation, Erin Williams joins Cheya Cary & I to talk about...pretty much everything under the sun. When we first arrived, Cheya & I took Bulleit shots & worked our way through a beer, while Erin sipped at champagne. Then we sat on her floor and turned on the Tascam, and let the magic happen! Listen as we discuss strong ladies in history, Erin's badass grandma, tattoos, driving routes, surfing, scuba diving, and the time Erin turned orange! 


IDEK  |  November 15, 2016
Minisode 1: Clare & Cheya Catch Up, Talk Election, & Preview Upcoming Episodes

Cheya joins me today to catch up, discuss what we've been up to that's caused us to be away for some time, and we preview the upcoming episodes. A little content warning: This episode contains strong language.


IDEK  |  September 20, 2016
Cheya Cary on Family, Identity, OCD, Anxiety

Welcome to episode 1 of IDEK! In this episode Cheya Cary sits down to talk about family, identity, OCD and anxiety, being a twin, and a whole mess of other stuff. This episode gets pretty heavy out of the gate, so hold onto your butts and tune in!