Davina Joy is an up-and-coming comedian, actress and producer you want to keep an eye out for! Davina has known since Elementary School that she was destined to be a Comedian. She recalls always being laughed at no matter where she was. She was constantly in trouble at school for talking too much and for being extremely inappropriate. These experiences guided her to the realization that making people laugh felt better than anything else, even if it was at her own expense!

Davina Joy has been actively pursuing her stand-up comedy career since Oct 2013. She has performed at various LA Comedy clubs, including The World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood, Ice House Comedy Club and Flappers Comedy Club. Davina has also performed in Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ and Atlanta GA. 2016 is the year she is really looking forward to hitting the road and starting to spread her funny! Davina says, “being on stage is one Hell of a drug; and I’m Proudly admitting I’m an Addict!” Find Davina on Twitter & Instagram!


Guest Appearances


Hey Whoopie Cat  |  April 26, 2017
Our close friends Ceda Xiong, Amber Scalzo & Davina Joy 

Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary touch on some political topics, and Cheya tells his story about the second time he went to jail. Speaking of jail, or talk of doing a crime, some of the names and places in this episode have been bleeped out, because things got pretty real for everyone who visited the stage. Comedy & storytelling by Ceda Xiong, Amber Scalzo & Davina Joy.