Our close friends Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri

This week's theme is "430 Blaze It!" because our show was on 4/30 & we didn't wanna miss out on all the 4/20 hype. Clare tells of a real shitty time she had at Disney & Cheya reminisces of the time he & his twin got too high & devised a genius plan to get the weed out of their system.

Comedy & storytelling by Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri.

Hey didja know that there is an open mic segment at the live shows? We also occasionally have an artist who doesn’t want to be recorded – like the very funny Keith Cary, who joined us for this show – so you have to be there in person to make sure you don’t miss any of the action! 

Hey Whoopie Cat is performed at Theatre of NOTE and is produced by Theatre of NOTE company member Aaron Saldaña. 

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