Amanda Kramp on Motherhood, Burlesque, Body Image, Politics

I'm so excited to have had the chance to chat with Amanda Kramp! We met when I was a photographer years ago, when we were both in Madison, WI, and I would take pictures of the burlesque troupe she was part of (among other things!) 

Now she is a mother of a sweet baby boy who hates sleep, and she's an honest, outspoken, feminist force of nature. And there's a lot of very cute baby noises in the background that even barren old cynics like me find very heartwarming. This convo goes in a lot of directions, and I considered breaking this into two parts, but screw it: We're going all in! Strap in your butts and get ready for this mommy party!

Perla's icebreaker question for Amanda was, "What is the one moment where you realized your life has shifted, and how did you feel about it?"

Amanda's icebreaker question for the next guest is, "What is something that you never thought you could, but that you ended up doing?"


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