Emma Tolkin, co-creator of Vibes, meme queen

I sat down with my pal Emma Tolkin to talk about her app Vibes. In this particular episode…a lot happens.

To set the scene: We thought it would be appropriate to discuss her app Vibes outside near the pond, immersed in bird noises, you know, real vibesey stuff, but there were some crows who were super talkative, and yard work began. Before we made our way inside, we had a brief chat with her dad, Michael Tolkin, who wrote a bunch of cool movies, including Deep Impact. Inside of the house, while we were getting settled and moving into the office, I noticed a photograph that looked like a melted wax Jeff Ross and we briefly discussed Emma’s mom’s dice collection. 

Suffice it to say, the first fifteen minutes are a wild ride. We do eventually manage to stay sort of on track, but if you’ve heard this show before, then you know that shit does eventually get super weird. Bohemian Grove conspiracies, the Denver Airport, Katy Perry, and emo kids are among the many topics we discuss. Buckle up!

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If you love conspiracy theories and getting goofy on the Internet, come to this awesome group called The Lone Gunmen. I'll be talking to the queen of that group in the next episode and it's going to get so weird and be so fun. Also! If you want to know more about Bohemian Grove and all of that dark shit, listen to Last Podcast on the Left's episodes (1,2,3) and Sword & Scale's episodes (1,2). Go do that right now. Seriously.