Erin Williams on Lady Heroes, Her Badass Grandma, Tattoos, Surfing, Turning Orange (feat. Cheya Cary)

In part 1 of our conversation, Erin Williams joins Cheya Cary & I to talk about...pretty much everything under the sun. When we first arrived, Cheya & I took Bulleit shots & worked our way through a beer, while Erin sipped at champagne. Then we sat on her floor and turned on the Tascam, and let the magic happen! 

Listen as we discuss strong ladies in history, Erin's badass grandma, tattoos, driving routes, surfing, scuba diving, and the time Erin turned orange! 

Erin's ice breaker questions from Abu were, "Are there any examples of when a guest verse has improved a song?" and "What's your worst ingrown hair story?" 

The conversation we had was so delightful and long-lasting that we had to break it up into two episodes! This one is a bit of a doozy so crack open an adult beverage, if that's a thing you enjoy doing (and have three more at the ready, just to keep up.) 

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