Bonus: Hey Whoopie Cat!

Hey pals! Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary here, stoked to announce a new monthly showcase that we're doing live in Hollywood once a month called Hey Whoopie Cat! Please enjoy this bonus episode, which is the performance!

Hey Whoopie Cat is a live comedy & storytelling showcase hosted by Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary. We bring in our funniest friends from the LA area to share their stories and deliver killer sets once a month.

Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary discuss some famous firsts, in honor of our first show. Cheya's story entails losing his virginity to a Nazi and Clare recounts the first time she ever visited downtown LA. 

Comedy & storytelling by Robin Tran, Cate Gary, Glenn Bolton & Anna Valenzuela.

Hey Whoopie Cat is a production of Theatre of NOTE and is produced by Theatre of NOTE company member Aaron SaldaƱa. 

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The views and opinions expressed in this show are those of the individuals expressing them and do not reflect those of Theatre of NOTE.