M. Stormy Storms on Katy Perry's new music video for Bon Appetit, MKUltra, The Illuminati

Stormy & I have turned this conversation into an all new podcast!
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GET OUT YOUR TINFOIL HATS, FRIENDS, BECAUSE WE'RE DEEP DIVING INTO SOME JUICY (pun intended) CONSPIRACY THEORIES TONIGHT. Starting with Katy Perry's new video Bon Appetit (below), Stormy & I go over the video as it plays, discussing how the video may or may not be nodding to Project MKUltra, Illuminati, cannibalism, "Satanism" and more, so feel free to fire it up and watch along with us! Yes this is very tinfoily, but for the sake of entertainment we are playing along. 

We also touch on various other celebrity conspiracy theories, especially if they relate to MKUltra, et al.

Watch along with us:

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