Perla X. Caballero on The Election, Podcasts, #Zero2Chola, Being Mexican American

Perla is the kind of woman we all need to have in our life: strong, smart, unapologetic. In today's episode we discuss our post election woes, podcasts, her hashtag #Zero2Chola, being a Mexican American and more. She goes into a full on political rant from time to time, but we do also discuss her favorite new red lipstick and our favorite Snapchat filters...which I know you're dying to hear more about, so tune in to find out what they are. 

Will's icebreaker question for Perla was, " If you could go back in time to a time when you made a big life change, would you still make that change, or would you stick to your original path?"

Perla's ice breaker question for the next guest is, "What is the one moment where you realized your life has shifted, and how did you feel about it?"

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