Protests, Part 1: Inauguration & Women's March (feat. Cheya Cary & Cate Gary)

Greetings! This week we talk about our experiences at the protests that followed Trump's inauguration, including the Women's March! Cheya Cary recorded some clips at the latter and they feature our pals Cate Gary, a wonderful, insightful and hilarious comedian, & Devin Larson, a very rad young political activist & dog walker. We also hear a clip from my beautiful sister, who called me up to leave me a voicemail regarding her thoughts on the march she attended in Michigan.

If you would like to discuss your experiences at any of the recent marches, walkouts, protests, riots, etc. PLEASE get in touch with me! Fill out the form here, reach me on Twitter, message me on Facebook! I would love to hear from you. We can have a full conversation, you can send me a voice clip or you can leave me a voicemail! Let me know what works for you. 

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