Russ Feder on Jury Duty, Improv, Podcasting

This week I spoke with my pal Russ Feder about his experience on jury duty, his improv team, his new podcast & more!

Content Warning: We do get into the details about the case, and this is a rape case. The details themselves are not graphic, however. 

Amanda's icebreaker question for Russ was, "What is something that you never thought you could, but that you ended up doing?" 

Russ' icebreaker question for the next guest is, "What is the best meal you've ever eaten?"

Find Russ on Twitter & keep an eye out for his upcoming show Mad About Mad About You! If you're in New York, check out his musical improv show with The Commotion at the Magnet Theater. You can also find me on Twitter, and as always, find more IDEK on FacebookTwitterStitcherGoogle Play & Apple Podcasts