Sylvia Lin on Helping People, Being Healthy, Identifying with Her Culture, YouTubers

IDEK IS BACK! WHEW! My good pal Sylvia & I chat often online, discussing/complaining about various things like roommates, white people, politics, and more. It was awesome to get her on the show and turn that ranting into a recording that is very scattered and often sidetracked. Buckle up and take some notes, because we get through a lot!

We touch on a bunch of topics, such as Sylvia's path towards helping people and what that looks like for her, being healthy and what that means for different folx, identifying and often not identifying with her culture as an Asian woman, YouTubers, and so much more!

The connection is a little spotty at times and you get a nice New York soundscape in the background, but don't let that scare you away. This one is worth the listen!

This week's ice breaker question from Aaron is "Of anything you’ve created, what is the thing that you are most proud of and why?"

Sylvia's ice breaker question for the next guest is, "If you were in therapy right now, what would your therapist tell you that your recurring challenge in your relationship is?"

Sylvia Lin.jpg

Sylvia doesn't want to be found on Twitter, but you can find me! She does, however, want you to check out the YouTubers Megan Tonjes & MacDoesIt! You can also find me on Twitter, and as always, find more IDEK on FacebookTwitterStitcherGoogle Play & Apple Podcasts! And check out my new live storytelling & comedy showcase Hey Whoopie Cat!