Will Couch on Comedy, Mics, Pets, His Apartheid Mercenary Dad, Racism, Classism (feat. Cheya Cary)

Cheya Cary just can't get enough of this podcast and he teams up with me once more to talk with our pal Will Couch in sunny, beautiful Las Vegas. Coming live from the Oasis at Gold Spike hotel, just after seeing one of my favorite bands of all time, we crack more beers and talk about a topic we all have in common: Comedy & open mics.

Will also opens up to us about his dad being part of the Apartheid in South Africa, racism & classism, and more.

This week's ice breaker question from Erin is, "What is your favorite joke?"

Here's Will's go-to karaoke jam, in the style of Puddles:

...which reminded me of this group a little, so I need you to just watch this:

Will's icebreaker for the next guest is, "If you could go back to a time when you made a change in your life, would you still make that change, or would you continue down that path?"

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