Philadelphia native, Katrina Joli, is a comedic writer who thought she was only funny on paper. Using the stage as a way to sharpen her skills, Katrina soon realized she didn't need actors. They were taking too much credit for her work any way. All she needed was a stage, a good memory, and some balls. One out of three isn't that bad. 


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Hey Whoopie Cat  |  May 16, 2017
Our close friends Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri

This week's theme is "430 Blaze It!" because our show was on 4/30 & we didn't wanna miss out on all the 4/20 hype. Clare tells of a real shitty time she had at Disney & Cheya reminisces of the time he & his twin got too high & devised a genius plan to get the weed out of their system. Comedy & storytelling by Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri.