Co-host of the upcoming show Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

M. "Stormy" Storms became a conspiracy theorist in high school when her economics teacher screened 'manufacturing consent' in class. She has been researching conspiracy far and wide for a decade now. She currently runs a closed community of left leaning safe space oriented conspiracy theorists in her Facebook group "The Lone Gunmen : Cyber Edition", an homage to the X-Files spin off show 'The Lone Gunmen'. Lone Gunmen was the magazine published by the trio of conspiracy theorists who assisted Scully and Mulder in their adventures, and Stormy sees her group as the digital successor to the fictional magazine.

Stormy is also a psychedelic meme visionary working to create the iconographic religious art of internet culture. Her STORMYMADE line of candy colored creations synthesize rococo court painting, 60s pop art, religious iconography, unabashed femininity, and of course dank dank memes, which you can purchase here.

You can also find her on InstagramFacebook & Twitter.