Emosode #1

Oh hey, did we mention we also love emo music? And wanted to go on a drunk tangent about that for a bit?

In this episode we discuss Stormy & Clare's emo pick and we do a lot of very bad singing and...just brace yourselves, OK?

M. "Stormy" Storms is the queen of The Lone Gunmen, a Facebook group where we dive into conspiracy theory in a safe, fun environment. Come join us if you wanna play along! Also check out STORMYMADE, Stormy's very cool artwork. Love it. Buy it. Follow her on Instagram & Facebook for updates on products! 

Clare Dickerson has a bunch of podcasts, like IDEKTrent TalkBestiesHigh Crimes and a live comedy & storytelling showcase Hey Whoopie Cat! Something for everyone! Find her on Twitter if you want to.

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