#1: Katy Perry's Bon Appétit, MKUltra, Illuminati & More

Welcome to episode 1 of Real Eyes Realize Real Lies! This episode was originally recorded for IDEK but we had so much fun we thought, "what if we made this a thing?" Now it's a thing.

We watch Katy Perry's video for Bon Appétit & go over the video as it plays, discussing how the video may or may not be nodding to Project MKUltra, Illuminati, ritualized cannibalism, "Satanism" and more, so feel free to fire it up and watch along with us! We also touch on various other celebrity conspiracy theories, especially if they relate to MKUltra, et al. 

Watch along with us:

This show is all in the name of fun & we don't actually believe most of this stuff. But it's still fun to consider, right? 

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