#3: David Bowie & The Apocalypse

In this episode we discuss David Bowie, the apocalypse that he was trying to warn us about vis a vie Blackstar, the real things Sumerians had to say about Nibiru, and predictive programming. We also touch on David Bowie's long history and fascination with the occult, and his secret brown eye. 

It’s gonna be a weird road ‘til we actually merge with the machines, that’s all I’m saying.

Have you buckled up yet? This ride is about to get wild. 

In our Conspiracy Corner Wrap Up we discuss leggings, Adele being unable to stop shapeshifting into a reptile, Rob Lowe seeing Big Foot, the beef between the creators of two different Bigfoot TV series, three-toed and three-fingered being found at the Nazca Lines in Peru, Robert Del Naja is Banksy, Goop and Infowars are selling the exact same products, and our latest addition to The Bezos Files: journalists of Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) are forbidden from criticizing advertisers, even on their personal social media accounts.  Finally, Stormy predicts the Presidential election in 2020 and coincidentally comments on Mark Zuckerberg pretending to be a farmer

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Check out our extensive show notes for all of the quotes we read, and for links to various videos and articles that we sourced.

Oh! We did a PSA on cocaine, since we mention Bowie's cocaine use a lot in this episode...people are going to do a lot of drugs or a little drugs and lately cocaine and other drugs are being laced with Fentanyl, which is 100x stronger than heroine and a lot easier to make. One of Clare's friends died and we don't want you to die, too. You can find drugs test kits easily online, especially ones that test for Fentanyl, but even then it can be hard to find traces of, so in general just know where your drugs are coming from and please be safe! Clare likes Dance Safe and EZ test kits' collections of drug test kits. Get in touch with us if you have more info on this!

This show is all in the name of fun & we don't actually believe most of this stuff. But it's still fun to consider, right? 

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