Minisode #1: Conspiracy Corner

Welcome to the first conspiracy corner minisode! We thought we would break up the podcast length by bringing you our favorite recent conspiracies in minisode form rather than at the end of already really long episodes. Ya dig???

(Also, we apologize for the radio silence! We had a big long episode recorded about Prince & Chemtrails that Clare suspects the NSA stole from her possession. It's kind of a long story. Well. Not really. But that episode is coming soon!)

This week in Conspiracy Corner we cover:

Check out our extensive show notes for all of the quotes we read, and for links to various videos and articles that we sourced.

Bonus: Here's Clare's Stussy S tattoo.

This show is all in the name of fun & we don't actually believe most of this stuff. But it's still fun to consider, right? 

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