Sameer Suri is a stand-up comedian working in Los Angeles. He's been on such podcasts as Kill Tony, Inappropriate Earl and Hot Chicks Aren't Funny, and you can get him on any gig you see fit to book him for, because he is of course desperate for credits.

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Hey Whoopie Cat  |  May 16, 2017
Our close friends Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri

This week's theme is "430 Blaze It!" because our show was on 4/30 & we didn't wanna miss out on all the 4/20 hype. Clare tells of a real shitty time she had at Disney & Cheya reminisces of the time he & his twin got too high & devised a genius plan to get the weed out of their system. Comedy & storytelling by Katrina Joli, Zara Khan & Sameer Suri.