"Besties Alej & Clare lament on life & offer solid advice."

We've been best friends for 21 years, and this year Clare moved to the LA area, so we thought this would be a fun way to stay in touch. We wanna pry into each other's personal shit, we wanna offer listeners advice on whatever, and we wanna share our stories with each other, and with you.

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Hey Whoopie Cat is a live comedy & storytelling showcase hosted by Clare Dickerson and Cheya Cary. We bring in our funniest friends from the LA area to share their stories and deliver killer sets once a month.

Hey Whoopie Cat takes place at Theatre of Note in Hollywood, CA and is produced by company member Aaron Saldaña. Find episodes here!



Clare is obsessed with true crime & Cheya has a knack for crazy historical events, so we decided - in the vein of Drunk History - to spark up on that legally obtained California kush and share our favorite tales. 

"The stories you’re about to hear are pretty fucked up - and so are we. We are not historians, detectives, doctors, professionals of any kind, and definitely not cops. We’d have to tell you if we were. These stories are told for entertainment purposes and some details may be inaccurate or exaggerated. (We are high, after all.)  Find episodes here!



I Don't Even Know (IDEK) is a podcast where Clare talks with guests about whatever they are currently fascinated with, or whatever they feel the need to discuss. We're calling it an interview show, but it's very hands off, in order to let the guest be in charge of the flow of the show. Things often get personal.

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A comedy conspiracy podcast for the casual foiler. Get out your tinfoil hats and join Clare & Stormy as we discuss celebrity conspiracy theories. Want to know which celebrities have been killed and replaced by clones? Are you curious who is definitely a MKUltra beta kitten and/or super into the illuminati?

It's probably all fake but it's also very fun! COME PLAY WITH US!


From a distant galaxy in an alternate universe 4 groove crusaders heard the cries of boredom from a little blue planet called "Earth". On a mission to cleanse the galaxy of boredom, Tupperware Remix Party crash landed on Earth to entertain the masses. With a Decade on this planet they have amassed a following of earthlings affectionately referred to as "Tup-Tups". Here 4 of these Tup-Tups have gathered to discuss the music, lore, and history of TWRP. Host @Decoy Photon is joined by his internet friendships @Psychotoria, JRub and @worldmind to review songs from post 2012 era TWRP Albums, TWRP Remixes and TWRP fanart from the growing TWRP community. Welcome to the TWRP Podcast.

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