Sylvia is a social worker and student in NYC who hails all the way from Taiwan. She would not like you to find her online, so if you want to learn more about her you're just going to have to listen to her episode!


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IDEK  |  May 3, 2017
Sylvia Lin on Helping People, Being Healthy, Identifying with Her Culture, YouTubers

My good pal Sylvia & I chat often online, discussing/complaining about various things like roommates, white people, politics, and more. It was awesome to get her on the show and turn that ranting into a recording that is very scattered and often sidetracked. Buckle up and take some notes, because we get through a lot! We touch on a bunch of topics, such as Sylvia's path towards helping people and what that looks like for her, being healthy and what that means for different folx, identifying and often not identifying with her culture as an Asian woman, YouTubers, and so much more!