TWRPpod Ep 001 "Ridiculous Porpoise"

In this episode we talk about, Lazerhorse, Prelude, Computer Wife, and Interstellar Strut. As well as NSP's "Cool patrol".

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From a distant galaxy in an alternate universe 4 groove crusaders heard the cries of boredom from a little blue planet called "Earth". On a mission to cleanse the galaxy of boredom, Tupper Ware Remix Party crash landed on Earth to entertain the masses. With a Decade on this planet they have amassed a following of earthlings affectionally referred to as "Tup-Tups" Here 4 of these Tup-Tups have gathered to discuss the music,lore, and history of TWRP. Host: @Decoy Photon his joined by his internet friendships @Psychotria, @JRub and @worldmind To review songs from post 2012 Era TWRP Albums, TWRP Remixes and TWRP Fanart from the growing TWRP community. Welcome to the TWRP Podcast.