Zilla is a fat feminist currently located in Madison Wisconsin, with her dude and her cranky old cat, Eby. When she isn’t traveling around playing Grown-up Adult Business Lady, she likes to chill at home or with friends. She’s real fond of all kinds of beers and loves to cook and eat. Probably she should get some hobbies but honestly that seems like a lot of work. Her greatest decision this year was purchasing a six foot giant bean bag where she now spends the majority of her time curled up with Eby, re-watching Buffy and trying not to think about the inevitable dumpster fire that is sure to Trump's tenure as President. This is her first podcast appearance and she feels privileged that Clare found her interesting enough to talk to. 

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IDEK  |  October 7, 2016
Zilla On Polyamory, Marriage, Community Living, Babies

My friend Zilla and I chat about polyamorous relationships, how hard but also very cool marriage can be, the benefits of community living, and not wanting babies in our futures.